SFM claims that they will teach you how to make money online through a process called ‘Affiliate Marketing’. This is the online version of being a commission-based sales. As an affiliate marketer, you create a web page to promote existing products and if people purchase through you, then you earn a commission. I have an explanation on this below, click here to jump to that section now.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to find a niche market which works for you. It should be something which you are either passionate about, or can offer some level of expert knowledge. However, SFM will not teach you how to sell to your own specialty niche. Their system is based on selling you products, then asking you to use their system to sell the same products to new members.

Contact with their Business Coach/Consultant

At one point, you’ll be asked to contact with your business coach or consultant. You will make an online booking where the consultant will make a Skype call with you by their “business coach”. Basically, they are there to answer your questions, give you a little more help and the objective is to ask you to upgrade your membership to the next level and pay more money.

When I first got to know about SFM, I wasn’t aware of so many different membership levels. That’s why I got started, and signed up for the Essential Membership level which I though is a price that I am willing to pay.

Membership Upgrades

After my conversation with the business coach or consultant, the feeling I got was that they are trying to up sells after up sells to pressurize me to upgrade further because they have a lot of membership levels. So, you will hit a “roadblock” at certain points and you need to upgrade to continue. Even with my Essential Membership, the impression I got was that you are not going to succeed unless you upgrade to the next level which is the Elite Membership at a cost of $2,500 per year + $97 monthly fees. This is certainly not cheap!

I was worried because I don’t have the confident any more. What came to my mind was that even if I upgrade to the Elite Membership, what’s next? Would i be asked to upgrade further in order to succeed? Later I also found out that after the Elite Membership, you will be introduced to another program called Digital Experts Academy (DEA) which is integrated with SFM. Again, they claim that in order to get even more support and training, you have to upgrade. See below on how much you will have to pay for the 4 DEA Membership levels:

  • DEA Silver: $2,500
  • DEA Gold: $8,000
  • DEA Platinum: $11,000
  • DEA Black: $20,000

So can you see now? This company is not just full of up sells, but full of high-ticket up sells! It seems that the way to prosper is not really about affiliate marketing anymore, but to get commissions by selling their products, and for you get other people to join SFM.

Needless to say, I quit. Then I searched the Internet to find out more about SFM by reading the reviews from other people. That’s when I saw my referrer Jerry Huang’s blog on SFM review and his recommendation on Wealthy Affiliates. Jerry’s explanation on Wealthy Affiliates makes more sense and so I decided to give it a try, and the rest is history. I am now a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate. Read on as I explain on the different aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.