Simple Reminders to Happiness

My New eBook

Recently I have decided to compile all my posts into a book so that there is one single place that my readers can download and have it handy for reading anytime anywhere. And I have finally completed this little e-Book entitled “Simple Reminders to Happiness” and published it in Amazon for purchase at a small price.

Please give me your support by purchasing a copy of it at this link or click on the image above. Your support will help me a long way to invest my resources to write more and prepare for my next e-Book.

This book is by no means the only ways to achieve Happiness in Life. Instead, they are advice and knowledge that most of us are aware of, but we just need to be reminded. Hence this books is called simple reminders to Happiness in life!

This book also highlights the importance of keeping yourself happy in life and included some practical steps that you can follow to maintain peace, joy and gladness in your heart.

Often our minds and hearts are disturbed by many distractions and cares of this world. They caused us to lose our joy due to our ignorance. We give too much attention to many things in life that does not matters. We also lose our focus on things that really counts.

If you say, oh no, I tend to be pessimistic and my mind is always full of the negative things. The good news is, it’s not permanent. You are in control of what you allow to be deposited into your hearts. You also do have the absolute power to empty those toxic that aren’t supposed to be there to begin with. Once you do that, you will have peace and power to stay calm in the midst of storms. Even in this imperfect world that we are living in, you will remain victorious and happy. You will have the peace that surpasses all understanding. So, let’s begin this journey of uncovering what are the things that you should start to housekeep from your hearts. Be ready to fill them with the things that will bless you.

Many people have the illusion that happiness is doing or owning the things that make you happy. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Achieving happiness is more than that. Happiness is experienced also because of an absence of the things that make you unhappy!

Thank you and may God bless you.


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